Brandywine Realty Management, Inc.

As a full service, fully licensed Realtor, our Home Management Specialists, as well as other members of the company, are more than qualified to help you develop a plan of purchase to find an investment property to suit your needs. Whether interested in renting, leasing, selling, buying, or residing in the home, we can help our clients understand the options available and which are most beneficial to their investments.  These rates also apply to services provided not within the bounds of our signed management contract. 

Our rates are as follows:

 Position                                                                      Rates                                                        Period

CPM, Broker, Principal                                 $150 - $200 per hour + expenses                       1hr basis
Bookkeeping, Administrative                         $75 - $100 hr                                                      Min 1 hr  thereafter on 1/4 hr periods
Accounting                                                    $100 - $200 hr (CPA)                                        Min 1 hr  thereafter on 1/4 hr periods
Collections, Administrative                             $125 hr                                                               Min 1 hr  thereafter on 1/4 hr periods
Minor Administrative, Translator-Spanish       $45 hr                                                                 Min 1 hr  thereafter on 1/4 hr periods
Head of Maintenance, Mechanic                    $75 - $125 hr                                                      Min 1 hr  thereafter on 1/4 hr periods

For more information, please contact Bud Thomas