Realty Management, Inc.

Computerized Statements

Monthly computerized statements are distributed to each owner.
By the end of each month owners receive an Account Journal detailing all monetary transactions made on behalf of that property for the preceding month.
A Statement of Account reflects:
- Entire account balances for the previous month as well as year-to-date
- Income, general expenses, transfers, adjustments, capital expenses, and net cash flow
- Ending balance
An Account Journal* reflects:
- Amount, date, and explanation for each debit/credit
- Ending balance
In addition to our monthly statements, a detailed year-end statement is sent out in time to help you with your taxes.
Using your monthly income, our accounting department offers to manage all bills associated with the property (including mortgages, utilities, water and sewer, and insurance).
     *If you own more than one unit, there will be an Account Journal for each unit.