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Your Real Estate Investment or Home deserves a Certified Property Manager.

You need a real estate manager to preserve and enhance the value of your real estate assets- someone who is highly trained, experienced, and professional. When you hire a Certified Property Manager (CPM), you know that you're getting a qualified manager you can trust with your investment. The Institute Of Real Estate Management (IREM) of the National Association of Realtors awards the C.P.M. designation to Professional real estate managers who have distinguished themselves in the areas of experience, education, and ethical conduct. The CPM designation must be earned and is awarded only after rigid standards have been met.

 Proven Ability

Holders of the CPM designation can best be classed as "versatile specialists." We are trained to professionally handle the full range of management tasks from completing a feasibility study to supervising a property change of use. Their skills encompass the asset management, administrative, legal, social, economic, and physical areas essential to professional performance. CPM members are practiced in the art of combining day-to-day property management with the broader asset management consideration to achieve your property's financial goals.

CPM members manage over 879 billion dollars worth of the nation's real estate assets. They manage approximately 10.2 million residential units and 8.0 billion net square feet of commercial space. Most CPM members manage mixed portfolios. They manage various types of properties, including Single Family Homes, apartments, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers and retail properties, federally assisted and public housing, and industrial parks.

Whatever the size or type of your real estate investment, there is a CPM prepared to manage it for you.

Integrity and Reliability

 In a study by Arthur Anderson of real estate owners and investors, integrity ranked first as the most important characteristic of a real estate management firm. The Institute of Real Estate Management was created to assist you as an owner in identifying ethical professional property managers.

 Certified Property Managers must abide by a Code of Professional Ethics, which is enforced by IREM. A CPM member's commitment to this code requires use of the utmost care in managing your property and in handling funds. The CPM is the only real estate management designation to protect your investment with rigid enforcement of this code. Those violating the ethical code are subject to revocation of their designation.

 You can trust your real estate investment to a CPM.

Management Expertise

When you hire a CPM, you are hiring management expertise and experience. Experience is one of the defining qualifications of a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER. Candidates for the designation must have a minimum of five years of effective full-time decision making activity in the real estate management field before earning the designation. The average CPM member has more than 18 years of real estate management experience.

 There is no better manager for your real estate investment than someone who has the on-the-job training and expertise of a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER.

 Industry Knowledge

Changes in the national economy, tax laws, federal and municipal legislation, insurance requirements, landlord/tenant relationships, utility rates and the general housing industry all have an effect on your investment. Your real estate manager needs to be aware of all of these issues and more in order to protect your investment and enhance its value.

 When a CPM manages your property, you get someone who is up-to-date on the latest trends in real estate. CPM members keep on top of the industry in several ways. For example, every CPM member must complete numerous hours of education to earn the designation, and then must meet a continuing education requirement to maintain the CPM designation. There is a full library of real estate publications, including the Journal of Property Management, available to CPM members, as well as education and networking opportunities at each of IREM's three national meetings and at local chapter meetings.

 Having a CPM manage your investment is the best way for you to keep informed of the latest vital issues and developments in the real estate management field.

Put your investment in the hands of a qualified professional.

Choose a real estate manager with the proven abilities, integrity and reliability, industry knowledge, and management expertise needed to enhance the value of your real estate assets.


Additionally, a Home Management Specialist designation can only be awarded to a company or individual that has met many rigorous professional qualifications.

Some of them are:

Experience with managing more a minimum of 300 single family homes
Must be a Licensed Real Estate Broker in good standing
Must be a memeber of the local Board of Realtors and an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors
Must have been awarded the C.P.M. designation
Must use an approved computerized accounting system
Must have beed in the single family property management business for more than 5 years
Must obtain 15 hours of accredited continuing education every two years
Must have a 24 hour response capability for emergencies


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